Ahad, Februari 28, 2010

Ahad, Februari 14, 2010

Trip to Kuching City

My first trip to Kuching was really interesting, with the exception of the Cat Museum at Bukit Siol, Petrajaya (PJ, Kuching). We managed to go to the Cultural Village on the first day that we arrived. The place is amazing. I suggest for those of you who plans to visit in the future to go early in the morning to be able to enjoy exploring the place in cool weather. The village consists of 7 houses, each from different Sarawak native group. There are also culture shows, that presents the traditional dances of the different groups.

Below are the pictures that I have taken throughout my first day In Kuching.

(This is the place that i really not suggested to come)

On second day, we went to Bako National Park. The journey takes 30 minutes from kuching town to reach the Bako Jetty, it takes another 20 minutes juorney to get to Bako National Park. Within Bako National Park, we went hiking for an hour and fifty minutes to Teluk Pandan Kecil. 

Although the hike was tiring and caused some of us pain, it was all worth it when all of us (excluding Encik Nik) finally got to the other side that had an amazing beach with beautiful scenery.

I don't want to talk a lot about my trip in Kuching.... but Kuching have a lot of hidden secrets and it is better if you explore and discover it youself.

Okey...enjoy the pictures that i have captured on my trip. 


3rd days of 2010 ~ Mr. Elme 1st training to be a good father.